Introductory Flights

An introductory flight with Pilgrim Aviation is an amazing opportunity for you to experience flying!  We put you in the pilot seat for a single passenger 30 minute flight with your private FAA certified flight instructor.  Your flight instructor will assist you in a take-off and landing and then have you fly as much of the flight as you wish!  It’s an excitement that you won’t forget!

Learn what happens in the cockpit and experience stunning views of land and sea while learning the basics of flying an airplane.  You will learn both how to pre-flight the airplane and post-flight debriefing.  This flight will count for your first flight time toward your certificate!  Take an introductory flight at Plymouth Airport’s authorized Cessna Pilot Center and turn a dream of flying into reality!

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Pilgrim Aviation’s flights are available 7 days a week from Plymouth Airport.  Join us to discover a whole new perspective on your environment.  After placing your online order, call our office to schedule your flight.  (Weight restrictions do apply.) 508-747-7776